May 9, 2024

Mataia Keepa, of Ngāti Rārua, Ngāti Maniapoto and Te Arawa, is a passionate Māori Language and Cultural Advisor and the founder of iKōrero Ltd., where he shares his expertise in the language and culture worldwide. Alongside his advisory work, Mataia is also the creative mind behind Indigenous Armour, a clothing brand that celebrates indigenous culture and identity. Currently, Mataia is dedicated to delivering Te Pīnakitanga ki te reo Kairangi online and face to face in Gisborne, a Māori language program focused highly on the excellence of the Māori language. In his free time, Mataia finds joy in pursuing his hobbies of waka ama and weightlifting, staying connected to his roots with a strong focus on Māori health and well-being. With interests spanning across Māori spirituality, astronomy, weaponry, and the significance of Matariki, Mataia brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective to his work. His academic achievements include earning a First Class Honours at Waikato University, graduating from Te Panekiretanga o te reo Māori and Te Mata Punenga, and currently pursuing a Ph.D in the revival of Karakia Māori. Mataia Keepa’s dedication to preserving and promoting the Māori language and culture shines through in all aspects of his work, making him a respected figure in his community and beyond.