May 31, 2022

Multi-faceted and iconically recognised producer Kuya James (aka James Mangohig) grew up in the tropical and diverse metropolis of Darwin; the capital of the Northern Territory on Larrakia land in Australia. The first-born son to a Filipino migrant father and an Australian born Dutch mother, James would earn his stage name early in life simply by being the eldest. “Kuya” in the national Filipino tongue means “older brother”. A term of endearment and respect that he would gain not only from his biological family, but from the families he has made within communities spanning music, dance, culture and theatre, locally in Darwin, nationally and internationally.

Combining his natural affinity for rhythm and melody with an obsessive passion of high-quality sonic experiences, Kuya James crafted his production talents over years of collaboration in bands and production duos; resulting in a large catalogue of songs and award nominations and wins. Creating a signature sound bookmarked by pulsating tribal beats, Asian samples, flipping vocals, synths and sub bass; Kuya James’ instrumentals alone challenge even the most well-built PA systems.